Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NYC Part Two

You may think that the "Japanese aspect" of the trip I was talking about in part one was the trip to Nintendo World. At that store, yes, there are the original hanafuda cards that were the start of the Nintendo empire and a GBA SP signed by Shigeru Miyamoto (Google it) in the "museum" on the second floor of said store. No, the true Japanese-iness of our trip, of every trip we make to Edgewater, NJ, in fact, is due to the proximity of Mitsuwa Japanese marketplace to our hotel. There is nothing else like this place in the Eastern US. It is so awesome. It is all full of imported Japanese products, and the food court is full of authentic Japanese cuisine.

The window displays, the meticulouly wrapped foods and sweets, the adorably kawaii kiddie treats... we spent an hour there on the 5th and two hours there on the sixth. I took so many pictures, I was asked to stop. We just love this place, and we are all so lucky that it is right in between the hotel we use and Jason's mother's home. Samantha especially loves this part of the trip as she has quite a case of Nipponophilia!

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