Friday, November 4, 2011

My Response to Ms. Malkin's response to Occupy Oakland

(Tip: Look at the photos, read her captions, then read my responses.)

“We are better than this: Not really. Anarchy speaks louder than whitewash words" Better than the "whitewash words" "war on terror" that gets painted over the deaths of 100,000+ Iraqi civilians, when there was in fact no WoMD, no connection to 9/11? Sure Saddam was a "bad man" (more whitewash) but 100,000+ people just to get rid of him? NVM our soldiers lives and limbs.

“Fuck the police: Nope, didn’t see anyone of those signs at Tea Party protests" No, but you did see protesters with assault rifles. EVERYWHERE. No such thing at OWS. Even the vandals were not armed. TEA party signs threatened "2nd Amendment solutions" to big government, and what do you know? A Congresswoman was shot in the head, and a Judge murdered.

"From the Port of Oakland blockade scene late tonight…nope, this looks nothing like a Tea Party either" What? Their faces are covered? Again ASSAULT RIFLES AND PISTOLS at Tea Party rallies. VERY INTIMIDATING, and in case of misfire, potentionally dangerous.

You object to signs that say "death to capitalism?" when at the Tea Party the signs said "Death to Obama", our SITTING President? "If Brown can't solve the problem, a browning can?" How menacing is that?

You called one teacher a "union hack" Is that anything like a "hack journalist?"

"Kiddie human shields" There were kids at the Tea Party rallies, too. They carried *toy* guns. GUNS mind you, not signs.

"And as I noted in my column yesterday, one of the leaders of the parade of destruction, rapper Boots Riley, is author/”songwriter” of “5 million ways to kill a CEO,” among other hateful ditties" Through his blatant mismanagement in pursiut of unGodly profits, the CEO of BP killed 11 men. With families. Then publicly wished for *his* life back.

You know very well Ms. Malkin that Tea Party rallies had no arrests because there were no orders from above to clear them off the street. NOT because they were better behaved or in any way less annoying. The elite organized the TP rallies because they hate government regulation and want the People to hate it to, because it interferes with robbing us blind, polluting and poisoning us, basically making them even more insanely wealthy at the expense of all the rest of us. They hate social programs because they make people less desperate to work slave wages and off the clock. They hate unions because their work gave us socialist constructs like "weekends", "sick days" and "overtime". Time is money, and as far as the elite are concerned, our time is their money.

(Lulu's note: This was originally a comment I posted on MM's "photo essay", so I am addressing her fans here.)

You People reading this: You are 99%ers. Your taxes are being frittered on wasteful spending, but not on teachers and food stamps. On subsidies for oil companies, when they already make more money than any other companies on earth, in history. For bankers who got bailout money over bad loans, but also got to keep those loans, so they got paid twice. For war contractors who use the MSM to lie about the threat level from over seas to scare you into sacrificing your health and retirement. And again for oil companies who tell you the billions for war we spend is for spreading democracy, when it is about keeping oil prices low for BP and ExxonMobil, but they DON'T even have the decency to pass the savings on to us, even though our tax dollars and our dead and wounded soldiers paid for that discounted price.

So if you are really feel Taxed Enough Already, you too should be out in the street protesting the fascist coup of "our" elected officials by the richest of the rich. Because they are the ones sucking up all the welfare that is bleeding the working people of this country to death.

Join us.

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