Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I rarely watch the Daily Show anymore, either.

So I have been a subscriber on Facebook of Lizz Winstead's, the creator of the Daily Show, for about a year now. Her status update this morning was "9/11", so I commented "Physics!" and posted the PBS show by Richard Gage. Not crackpot conspiracists, but actually physicists, engineers, and architects putting their career credibility on the line, saying things like "Newton's 3rd law" and "Path of least resistance." Someone commented that Bush had let 9/11 happen through his negligence, and I replied, "I think Bush did more than *let* it happen,"

She blocked me from her page. For someone who enjoys mocking those who believe such unscientific things as, there is no global warming, evolution is a lie, a woman's body can "shut it all down" she is remarkably disinterested in the inconvenience of science when it comes to the greatest crime ever committed in the US. Of course her access to powerful people, and thus her great success, depends upon her supporting the official story, and people can rarely see what their paycheck necessitates them not seeing. It's alright. The longer I was subscribed to her, the less I liked her. She was always just parroting the agenda of the Democratic party, all of her criticism reserved for Republicans. I thought she was a true political comedian, like Carlin, but she's just a very clever and amusing Democratic party mouthpiece, just another player in the vast game of "Good cop/Bad cop" being played on us all. So disappointed.

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