Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who *isn't* the thief? The one who has the best lawyers.

This is a photo link of Richard Hayne, President and CEO of Urban Outfitters. He’s also a supporter of Rick Santorum and donated over $13,000 to him. He’s against gay marriage and abortion.

His company pulled a pro-gay shirt back in 08, they also blatantly ripped off an Etsy designers work, featured a t-shirt for women that said “eat less” and most recently had a card with a “tranny” slur on in.

He also owns Anthropologie and Free People.

If the gay and abortion stuff isn't enough to get you mad, there is the "stealing" from Etsy artists.

But as Helen Killer of Regretsy points out, there is a lot of "idea drift" in the hand crafting community. Are people "stealing" from each other? Or do ideas develop organically, across a population at the same time?

MY POINT is, regardless of who is the originator of the idea, as soon as an entity, be it a business or a man, that has enough money to ENFORCE a copyright claim, claims it, the idea is essentially owned... and is that fair? All ideas are based on the zeitgeist, and on the effect incremental changes in thinking, that occur daily, have upon people's thoughts. Suddenly someone thinks of something clever, but never in a vacuum. You put that same brilliant idea man in isolation for 20 years, and any ideas relative to marketing kitschy things would be lost, PDQ. You have to be in the flow of popular thought to conceive of the ideas, but you have to be rich and powerful to CLAIM the ideas, to OWN what we ALL make. This is the biggest problem with "Intellectual Property". It springs from the intellect of ALL of US.

But I am just saying what so many others have been saying, aren't I? ;-)

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