Sunday, August 19, 2012

BBC hacks cry at night with jealousy over WikiLeaks actual journalism

BBC you, vile imperialist Establishment lap dog you can kiss my ass. I tuned in at the top of the hour "news" broadcast last hour. They played less than 5 seconds of what Julian Assange actually said, then had the anchor speak for *10 minutes* to some smug hack "expert" who doubtless never put himself in any real danger for a story in his LIFE. "I don't know what he is doing talking to Obama, the President he would *never* do the the things the is alleging." And "I wasn't there, bust I *wonder* if all the police he mentioned, were there because of the protesters" (HA! I saw the livestream, LIVE. The army of police arrived at midnight local time. THERE WERE NO PROTESTERS YET. Dissembling HACK! Either you are completely ignorant of the subject you have been hired to discuss as an "expert", or you are utterly deceitful, and shame on BBC for employing EITHER.) Then the anchor asks, (incredulously!), "Why would he associate himself with *Pussy Riot*?" HACK: "I suppose he considers himself to be of the same caliber as Pussy Riot" WTF? He exposed actual evidence of actual crimes of the elite at great personal peril. They performed ONE SONG. Brave, yes, but hardly required the kind of coordination and forethought and understanding of the laws that Wikileaks and Julian Assange's work does. BBC long ago whored itself out to the will of the ruling class. And this is where you all are getting your reports about Syria. Think about that. They are so biased, they twist every fact they can to serve the interests of the western elite. They are not to be trusted to serve the public interest. (TURN OFF BBC. They are lying to you, daily.)

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