Monday, August 20, 2012

They *all* want him dead.

The Akin story? Too convenient. My theory: They crunched the numbers saw that Akin couldn't win, then told him how he could serve the interests of the party. Make sloppy remarks about "legitimate" rape, so that Obama can smack him down, so even Republicans can shake their heads, so it can lead the news tonight, and the idea that "rape is rape" (-Obama) can be rattling around in all y'alls heads the next time you hear about the Julian Assange situation. Not because he raped anyone. But because they need progressives to BELIEVE he did, or even just doubt him enough, in order that we will silently consent to him being dragged to his death for daring to practice ACTUAL JOURNALISM. Republicrats ALL WANT HIS HEAD ON A PLATTER. Do not doubt this kind of collusion.

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